Is Emailconomy A Scam? – [Devote 7 Hours A Week?]

Welcome to my Review “Is Emailconomy A Scam?”!

“Are You Looking For More Information On Emailconomy? You Are In The Right Place!”

You might have heard and read a lot about the importance of Email Marketing and the truth is Email Marketing still works and the best.

We all know the famous saying, “Money Is In The List”. It’s TRUE!

I am trying to build my email list and even the established top internet marketers are keen on building their email list because they know the importance of building their list.

The reason is Money Is In The List!

When I come across “Emailconomy” it got my interest and attention because I believed it is going to deal with Email Marketing.

Before signing up for any program or before buying any product as an Affiliate Marketer I do in-depth and detailed research on the product and program.

I am sharing my results in this review post which I believe will provide you helpful insights. Also, it will save your time, trouble, money, and effort.

Is Emailconomy A Scam?

Emailconomy Review Summary

Product Name: Emailconomy

Creators: Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez

Product Type: Direct Mailing And Email Marketing.

Price: $500 – $2500

Summary: Emailconomy is all about promoting the very same product (Emailconomy) via direct mailing and email marketing.

Rating: 20/100

Is Emailconomy Recommended? No

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One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts

I do appreciate your time and patience for doing your research on Emailconomy and that’s the best way to stay away from scams and products that under-delivers with low-quality.

Also, to find genuine programs and products doing your homework is a must.

I like to inform you I am in no way associated with Emailconomy and I am not trying to sell Emailconomy to you.

All I am trying to do is share my findings and let you know the reasons why I didn’t join this program.

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What Is Emailconomy? 

In their sales video, they are talking about the importance of collecting emails and how you can make money by sending emails.

They are also claiming that all you need to do is devote 7 hours of work in a week. That is one hour per day.

They are also claiming when you send an email in the morning to your list by evening you can make $500. It is only possible if you have a huge email list and if you are a newbie you might not able to generate these results.

In the video, they created the impression that Emailconomy will teach you how to collect emails and monetize it.

In a nutshell, when you join Emailconomy you will be promoting Emailconomy via direct mailing and email marketing. You get some basic training on direct selling & email marketing.

About The Creators

Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez is the creator of Emailconomy and he is involved with Empower Network in the past and you might be aware that Empower Network got collapsed.

On August 1, 2017, Dave Wood announced that Empower Network no longer exists and would enter bankruptcy court.

Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez claims that he is one of the top Internet Marketers for the past 13 years.

On the testimonials tab on the sales page, he shares the information in which people are praising him and there is another side of the coin as well (more on this later).

Emailconomy Pricing

Emailconomy contains three types of memberships…

  • Inner Circle Level – $500
  • Diamond Level – $1000
  • Master Level – $2500

The below details will provide you with additional information…

Emailconomy Membership Levels

Also, you need to buy their letters and packages for direct mailing and you can find the information on the below image.

Direct Mailing Package

How Emailconomy Works? 

When you click on the button “Get Your Free Access Here”. It will ask you to provide your User Name, First Name, Last Name, Country, Phone/Mobile, Email, and Password for Emailconomy.

Once you finished submitting all the details you will be taken to a webinar where you will get an overview of this product.

Then you need to buy one of their memberships that I have mentioned above and start promoting Emailconomy.

Below webinar by Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez will provide you more information on Emailconomy…

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ On The Sales Video, They Mention Emailconomy Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme.

The Bad:

→ A Lot Of Complaints On Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez

→ Quite Expensive

→ Totally Focused On Recruiting

→ Direct Mailing

→ No Guarantee For Success

→ Refund Policy

Is Emailconomy A Scam?

I don’t want to call Emailconomy as a scam but it contains many red flags and that’s the reason I am staying away from Emailconomy and advise you the same.

Reason 1 – A Lot Of Complaints On Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez

It is always advisable to check the reputation of the owner before joining a company. When I checked about Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez I was shocked to see a lot of negative feedback. This is a big red flag for me and I don’t want to take the risk.

See the below screenshot…

Negative Feedback

You can find more information HERE.

Reason 2 – It’s Quite Expensive

The memberships are quite expensive and on top of that, you need to pay for the letters package that’s also very expensive.

Also, you need to spend money on Autoresponder so if you make the calculation it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

Reason 3 – Totally Focused On Recruiting

For me, the products need to add more value to the people who are buying it. Then only it will last long but here the main focus is on promoting Emailconomy itself. Also, it sounds like an MLM business model (commission from the team).

As you know very well the success rate with MLM’s is very less.

Reason 4 – Direct Mailing

This is an old method and I don’t believe this method will work. it might bring some sales but it won’t help you in the long run.

May I ask, when is the last time you purchased or joined a program or product by seeing some promotional letters from unknown people in your letterbox?

Reason 5 – No Guarantee For Success

The sales video and earning disclaimer page contradict. See the earnings disclaimer…

earning disclaimer

Why we need to purchase his material when the creator himself saying he can’t guarantee that we won’t achieve any results from his ideas and techniques in his material.

Reason 6 – Refund Policy

I smell some urgency and for the sake of refund policy, they are having it.

“You may request a full refund within 3 Business days of purchase and joining our Emailconomy platform.”

Just 3 business days?

Also, You will never be allowed to rejoin the Emailconomy platform.

These are the reasons why Emailconomy is a NO-NO for me.

Thanks for reading my review post.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you can find some frequently asked questions for your quick reference…

What is Emailconomy all about?

  • Emailconomy is all about promoting the very same product (Emailconomy) via direct mailing and email marketing.

How Much Emailconomy Cost?

  • $500 – $2500

Is It Possible To Make Money In Less Than 24 Hours As Mentioned In Emailconomy Sales Page?

  • Only if you have a big email list already.

Just 7 Hours Of Work Per Week Is Enough As Mentioned In Emailconomy Sales Page?

  • In my opinion, it’s not going to be enough.

Is Emailconomy A Scam?

  • No, but there are too many red flags and I will not recommend it.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee With Emailconomy?

  • Yes, 3 business days.

Are You Recommending Emailconomy?

  • No

What’s Your Top Recommendation To Make Money Online?

  • You can read my top recommendation below.

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  • On The Sales Video They Mention Emailconomy Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme.


  • A Lot Of Complaints On Angel “Michelangelo” Lopez
  • Quite Expensive
  • Totally Focused On Recruiting

Paul Severe

I am Paul a Full-Time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer working from home. I love to help people to become their own BOSS.


  1. Hello Paul, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. What I don’t like about Emailconomy is definitely the false promises which easily traps the beginners. Also, it is a way expensive (at least for me), I think there is much more cheapie and more quality programs/companies when it comes to email marketing. I will avoid this in the long area.

    • Yes, this is quite expensive and there are better options available with affordable price. Thanks for reading!

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