Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam? [Is It Possible To Retire Easily As Millionaire With The Help Of This Program?]

Welcome to my “Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?” Review!

“Attention, Are You Looking For More Information On Easy Retired Millionaire? You Are In The Right Place!”

When you watched the sales video of Easy Retired Millionaire you might have overwhelmed at the information shared.

There are a lot of bold statements which promise easy, fast, quick money with less work.

I have reviewed 100+ make money online products and I have seen these types of sales videos a lot of times. After my research, many of those products often under-delivered with low-quality training.

Let us check whether Easy Retired Millionaire is a scam or legit product.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

Easy Retired Millionaire Review Summary

Product Name: Easy Retired Millionaire

Creators: No proper information (Chris or Ryan Wise not the real names)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training 

Price: $47

Best for: The owner of this product

Summary: This product is full of hype and unrealistic claims and when we look at the training they provide it’s outdated training. There is no much value in this product and this is not recommended.

Rating: 10/100

Is Easy Retired Millionaire Recommended? No

While doing my research on Easy Retired Millionaire I found too many Red Flags that’s the reason I am not recommending this product. Please continue your reading to find out more information on Easy Retired Millionaire.

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One Important Thing I Noticed On The Review Posts

People are doing their own research before buying any product or service and many of them base their purchase decision on the reviews they read.

Unfortunately, there are some people who always write positive and biased reviews on all the products they promote.

I’d appreciate you for doing your own research and that’s the best way to stay away from scams and products which under-deliver.

I’d like to inform you I am in no way associated with Easy Retired Millionaire in any form.

All I am trying to do is save your time, trouble, effort and money via my honest review.

Easy Retired Millionaire Sales Page Claims

Below are the claims made on the sales video and on the sales page of Easy Retired Millionaire…

  • $600 added to your account bank in 5 minutes without spending a dime.
  • Paychecks for up to $15,000 mailed to your front door every week non-stop.
  • All from no more than 12 clicks of your mouse.
  • This system lets you simply CLICK and sit back.
  • It’s completely automated so you don’t have to spend hours doing hard tasks.
  • If you get in today you’ll be a part of one of the biggest concentrations of money on the ENTIRE web.
  • This is the easiest, best way to start an online money-maker.
  • On average, these accounts could generate up to $1,000 to $2,500 every single day.
  • Every day with one click you could watch your account grow.
  • Our team is 100% committed to making you another success story.

A lot of claims and bold statements, let’s see if the product lives up to these claims.

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What Is Easy Retired Millionaire? 

On their sales page and on the sales video you can’t find exact information on the product. They are not sharing anything on the method they gonna teach you to earn money online.

All you can find is…

You can make money within minutes, everything is automated, this is the easiest way to make money online, etc.

This is all about making money using sites like Cashcrate, Craigs list, Clickbank, etc. Also, the training provided is very old and outdated.

You can find the training videos on YouTube itself for free.

About The Creators

There is no clear information about the creator. In the sales video, he introduces himself as Chris and in the sales page they stated: “Note that for privacy purposes, Ryan Wise is an abbreviated pen name”.

The image he shares on sales video stating he is with his wife Cathy is also not true because it’s a Shutterstock image.

A Look Inside Easy Retired Millionaire

Below is the information on what you will find inside Easy Retired Millionaire product…

STEP 1: The Emergency Cash Generator

  • Emergency Cash Generator Video part 1 (Cashcrate)
  • Emergency Cash Generator Video part 2 (Craigslist)
  • BONUS: Copy this EASY Method for $100/day income (Referring members to Auction sites to buy cars)
  • Forgotten Traffic Plans (Article Marketing – Submitting to Article Directories)
  • Effective List Building Blueprint (List building)
  • Clickbank Takeover Part 1

STEP 2: Facebook Article Sharing


  • 7 Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing
  • Power Of Article Marketing
  • Affiliate Directories

Tool & Updates

Knowledge Base

I hope this gives you an idea on what you will learn from this product and trust me these are very old and outdated training which is not going to be a greater help to anyone.

How Easy Retired Millionaire Works? 

On their sales video, they are claiming all you need to do is just 12 clicks that’s it. You can make money!

I am wondering how you can make a lot of money and retire as a millionaire by doing simple tasks on Cashcrate and doing some promotions on Craigs list.

Here is one of the training video from Easy Retired Millionaire which you can find it in the YouTube itself…

Pro’s and Con’s

The Good:

→ 60 Days money back guarantee

The Bad:

→ Fake Testimonials

→ Fake Information About The Owner

→ Fake Scarcity – 15 Spots Only Available

→ Too Much Hype and Unrealistic Claims

→ Outdated and Old Training Videos

→ Misleading Statements

Who’s Easy Retired Millionaire For? 

This product will be a greater help for the owner of this product.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

There are too many Red Flags…

Red Flag 1 – It is always advisable to check the reputation and credential of the product creator but the creator of Easy Retired Millionaire is hiding behind the product and on top of that he is providing fake information on his identity.

Red Flag 2 – Nowadays, many products are using fake testimonials on their sales page which is really disappointing.

Some of the testimonies shared on the sales video of Easy Retired Millionaire are done with the help of Fiverr actors.

Information about the owner is fake and testimonies are also fake so what do you think about the product?

Reg Flag 3 – Pushy sales tactics – Always the sales video claims that only 15 spots are available and we might lose this opportunity.

Red Flag 4 – Since the training is old and outdated a lot of changes happened so using these training you will hurt your online business.

Red Flag 5 – Completely automated – It is not possible to automate everything in the online business. The claim “This system lets you simply CLICK and sit back” is really hard to digest.

Red Flag 6 – Easy money – One of my mentors always advised me to run away from programs which claim easy, fast, quick and immediate money.

Red Flag 7 – They are claiming “$600 added to your account bank in 5 minutes without spending a dime” it is not possible to earn money within 5 minutes on starting an online business.

In order to make money online, it will take time, effort, work and investment. Period.

I can keep on writing about the Red Flags with this program I better stop it here.

Thanks for reading this review and I wish you All The Very Best on your efforts to make money online.

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What I Recommend? 

I do know that you are looking to make money online opportunities.

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Your Friend,


Easy Retired Millionaire





  • 60 Days money back guarantee


  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Information About The Owner
  • Fake Scarcity - 15 Spots Only Available

Paul Severe

I am Paul a Full-Time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer working from home. I love to help people to become their own BOSS.


  1. Thank you for exposing this scam. Seems like the scams pop up every hour. Anytime any business opportunity offers to pay within a few minutes, it is time to run away fast. I think legitimate programs are transparent as to who the owners are. The owners should be proud of their efforts to launch a product. The scammers, on the other hand, hide behind anonymity.

    • Well said! Passionate people will be proud of their products. There are too many red flags with this product. You are correct, its always advisable to run away from products which promises quick, fast and easy money.

  2. Scammers are everywhere and they are swarming the online business platform too. If you are not too careful, you will fall into the pits of doom. Much worse is the regret of spending dollars to a program that doesn’t work for its members. $47 is still a big amount of money to some countries. People who would like to grab the opportunity to earn like $600 a day wouldn’t mind paying this small cost compared to a big earning. Little do they know that it will not work for them because it’s unrealistic. I really hope that people would take the initiative to research first or find a review like this to avoid being scammed. Though it says they have a 60 day money back guarantee, you can’t be so sure you will get this if you think it’s not working for you. You will be surprised on how they can manage to get away from giving back your hard earned money.

    • I nearly lost $4,000 to scams and products which under-delivered. It really hurts till today, losing our hard-earned money to scammers is a big pain.

      People need to be very careful and need to realize there is no shortcut to success. Hard work is the only route to achieve success!

      You are correct, in the part of the world where I live there are people working for a salary of $50 per month.

      Indeed, it is always advisable to do our own research before buying any make money online products.

  3. Have you ever found a legit one yet? I love this blog. I myself have done a lot of research on making money online and just like you said, a lot of them raise red flags and are scams. They are taking peoples hard earned dollars just to offer fake stuff and lie to you. I hate the fact there are so many of these on the internet now days and it makes it very hard to trust anybody anymore.

  4. I understand the fact that it’s not a scam. I really would like to join something like this that can make me money everyday!

    I love blogging and helping people through my blogging. Its not about the money, but hard work needs to get rewarded. This sounds like a great program and very rewarding. Was a great read, thank you.


    • I would advice you to focus on Blogging & Affiliate Marketing. Based on my experience Blogging & Affiliate Marketing are the best ways to make money online and it will help you in the longer run as well.

  5. I have done a lot of research on making money online and I agree with you on this blog. I think about 90 percent of these are fake and scams just to get your hard earned dollars. I still havent found a legit one yet but I love this blog keep up the good work!

  6. Definitely a scam alert here. They have all the characteristics including the fake owner and fake image as the number one red flag. False testimonials are seen often, typically coming from paid actors on Fiverr. Claims are beyond misleading. If making money was that easy we’d all be rich. I wouldn’t waste my money on this. 

    • I hate fake testimonials and its a red flag. There are 1000’s of make money online products which under-delivers so we need to be very careful.

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