How To Update Old Blog Posts? – [7 Checklist]

Welcome to my post “How To Update Old Blog Posts?“.

I created this website in December 2016, and I have 300+ blog posts on this site. While doing some research to check on the rankings of my old blog posts I was shocked to see many of the blog posts are not even on the top ten pages of Google.

I am aware that some posts are created 2 years before and when I wrote those posts; I knew nothing about SEO or providing great user experience.

I won’t say I know everything now but I learned a lot of things. To be honest, even when I read some of my old posts, I noticed a lot of things need to be changed.

So I was doing some research on how to update my old blog posts on the platform where I am learning everything about making money online. Our Trainer Jay provided great training on “Old Content Optimization Strategies“.

I am just sharing what I learned from this legend, and I believe it will be a greater help to you.

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How To Update Old Blog Posts?

7 Checklist

In order to update your old blog posts, you need to do the below 7 checklists.

I am not giving any guarantee that by doing these 7 steps your posts will rank on the first page but for sure this is going to result in better user experience and might be helpful in getting traffic to those old posts.

  1. Add/Change Meta Title
  2. Add/Change Meta Description
  3. Add/Change Internal Link
  4. Add/Change External Link
  5. Add/Change Alt Tags In Images
  6. Embed YouTube Video
  7. Fetch As Google

Add/Change Meta Title

If you haven’t added a Meta Title added it. If you have already added it when you created the post now you can change it.

Meta Title and Meta Description are called the real estate make use of it.

If you are not sure where to find the Meta Title and Meta Description below image will help you. I am using All In One SEO Plugin…

Add/Change Meta Description

If you haven’t added a Meta description added it. If you have already added it when you created the post now you can change it.

Add/Change Internal Link

If you have an internal link change it and if you don’t have an internal link on your old post include one.

Internal Link is the link that will take the visitor to the relevant post or page within your site.

Add/Change External Link

If you have an external link change it and if you don’t have an external link on your old post include one.

External links are the links that will take visitors to other authority sites for a relevant piece of information. Example – Wikipedia.

Add/Change Alt Tags In Image

If you already have images and have entered Alt (Alternative) Tags in the image change it. If you don’t have images on your old post add relevant images and enter the Alt Tags.

When you click and edit the image a small box will appear in that you can the Alternative Tag box just fill it with the relevant information about the image. The blow image will give you an idea…

Alt (Alternative) Tags

Embed YouTube Video

You might be aware that people love to watch videos rather than reading a post. It is good to have a video on your post.

It can be your own video or a video from YouTube which has the permission to share.

This will result in a better user experience.

Fetch As Google

Fetch as Google is a feature within the Google Search Console to let Google know about your new post or to let Google know about the changes you made to a particular post.

It is a very simple and easy process. If you are doing it already to your new posts that’s great do the same for the updated posts as well.

If you are not aware of it, you can watch the below video it will be helpful to you (less than 3 minutes)…

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