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Getting Started Online….

“You don’t have to be great to get started, you just have to get started to be great.”

Dear Friend,

I am Paul, I strongly believe because of the urge to succeed online you are here, I appreciate that and before you read further I want to tell you “you are on the right place.”

I can help you succeed online

If you can utilize the next few minutes to read this entire page I am sure you can write a new version of your book called “Your Life”.

Why Most Of The People Fail Online?

“Everybody wants to succeed but they are not ready to prepare for their success”

Reason 1

Many fail in their online business because they don’t treat the online business as Business, I mean they are taking it for granted “Winning is a habit” it needs discipline, planning, implementation. You need to have your work schedule and you need to work as per your schedule.

Reason 2

Many of us are not aware of… Where to start? Whom to trust? What to do? How to do?

We are confused and we are scared because of many online scams so guidance is required, we need someone who is genuine, expert, reliable, trustworthy, tendency to help, ready to teach and the list goes on….

So because of this reason people fail online.

Okay if you say “I am serious about my business and I am ready to give my very best” then you need the second one i.e genuine, expert, reliable, trustworthy, tendency to help, ready to teach I am going to guide you towards the very best and not only that I will be more happy to help you and be with you until you reach your online success.

What You Need To Succeed Online?

  • Interest
  • Efforts
  • Website
  • Knowledge

You have the interest that’s why you are reading and efforts? you need to have the urge and focus to succeed online if you have that surely you will put the efforts.

What about website and knowledge to succeed online?

Not to worry I am going to take care of that I will help you with that and “you will only fail if you fail”.

Website & Knowledge?

Not to worry, you can create a website within minutes for free and also you can learn all the things you need to succeed online for free.

“From newbie to expert”


“Nothing to lose and no catches”

As shown in the above Comparison choose the starter pack which is a free 7-day trial pack $0 no credit or debit card required. Just go for it and set up your account and use the service for 7 days and you can check it whether it’s worth or not and I am pretty sure you will go for premium or yearly because the service is great and I strongly recommend WA because they provide the best service and with this platform you will only fail if you fail. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

“Believing everybody is dangerous and believing nobody is very dangerous” You can believe me & WA.

TAKE ACTION – If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free starter membership. This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like yourself. (For few countries free starter membership is not available)

Join Here

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me….

I want you to be your own boss!!!

All the very best,


10 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Thank you for sharing the information. I find the table comparison very informative.
    Just one question, what happens if someone wants to stay on the free membership for longer?

    • Dear Hisbel,
      Happy Day!!!

      Access is limited…. i.e. If u stay on free membership(Trial) you can keep the site rubix websites (2 of them) and you loose access to this chatroom and live support and asking Kyle or carson for help and you cannot go past phase 1 of the training. But you can stay free for as long as u like and still you can promote your referral link as well and earn money. But I will strongly recommend to go for premium in order to get full access to the top and very best training & support. Hope I answered your question. If you have any doubts please feel free to contact me.


  2. Hello and thanks, I agree with what you said, anyone can succeed at this business, it is just a matter of treating your business like a business and do all that it takes to take you there and you will get there. Awesome post,that is well detailed.

  3. Hey,
    I am a member or Wealthy Affiliate to, and I can tell from experience that it is an awesome community.So for those of you that are wondering whether WA is real or not, I can tell you it is real and it will help you get strated with online business.

    • Dear Vincent,

      Wealthy Affiliate is an Awesome discovery in my online journey… Surely it’s making difference in our online journey and will make difference for those who opt for it.



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