Things You Need To Be Aware Before Addressing Your Audience (Tips For Speakers)

I watched T. Harv Eker free webinar and I found it very helpful. So I wanted to share and record it on my site.

Great Speakers Aren’t Born They Are Trained!

If you are a speaker this information is going to be a great help. If you are a blogger and affiliate marketer also it’s going to be very helpful. And very soon you might be speaking in front of many people and teaching them.

The best way to promote any product or business is by Teaching. Earn the trust of the people…

Secret 1 – Be Authentic

Authentic is 1000x better than perfect. Great trainers – Don’t try or memorize everything.

Authenticity and Vulnerability

Great speakers know what I am knowing, talking about and I can help them… This is what they care about.

They care about what they are teaching and how it can change people’s life.

Connect with your audience and Physical is memorable.

Secret 2 – You must Standardize your introduction

3 Parts = Intro – Body – Conclusion

Memorize 3-5 minutes of your intro… Use the same one and have it as a mandate.

Intro – Systemize

Knowledge Conquers Fear!

Preparation is the key!

Secret 3 – You start your entire talk with 2 enrolling questions.

Ask questions, not statements.

The first word from your mouth should be about them not about you.

Each section with 2 enrolling questions – Keep them engaged.

Secret 4 – Say “Thank You” when they respond

Must say thank you! Every single time they respond.

Questions give you control.

Always say thank you when the audience responds.

Secret 5 – Acknowledge

Acknowledge your audience for showing up. Do it every time.

Good job, great job, thank you, awesome. Well done thank you for that.

Control the audience by acknowledging.

Secret 6 – ETR – Earn The Right

Gaining credibility and trust.

About yourself – Script it… Writing ETR

Secret 7 – W.I.I.F.M What’s In It For Me?

Benefits – Whats the audience going to get in your teaching

Tell the audience what is in it for them.

Secret 7A – Recognizing The Value.

Are you learning a lot!

Secret 8 – Use accelerated learning and experiential training.

What I hear I forget!

What I see I remember!

What I do I understand!

Repeat – It gets you involved

Repetitions are one of learning technique

Constantly keeping involved.

More audiences doing more engaging more learning.

Experiential involving participate

Doing doing doing equals learning learning learning!

The audience is the star of the show (Great Trainers) – Bad trainers think they are the star of the show.

They are interested in themselves.

Use accelerated learning and experiential training.

Secret 9 – Control the questions to control the room

Always answer questions and group approval… Ask permission from the group… If you are on an important part ask permission to the questionnaire if I answer at the end of the session.

Appreciate them if the question is good. Great question good question…

Repeat the question to the audience… Important.

Control questions to the control room.

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