The Genius Formula – Robin Sharma’s 5 Rituals

Thousands of thanks to Mindvalley Masterclass and Vishen Lakhiani for the awesome and insightful master class with one of my favorite speakers Robin Sharma.

In the 60 minutes, I learned the below helpful information and I am sure this information will change your life.

Master Class with Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma’s famous books. The leader who had no title – Robin Sharma (need to read) and Monks selling Ferrari’s.

If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, you’re not dreaming big enough.

A lot of people die at 20 and they are buried at 90.

52.3% of Americans say they dislike their jobs. – Gallup Study.


Genius is less about genetics but it’s more about your HABITS!

World-class performance is less about your natural talents and it’s more about your core beliefs, your daily routines, the people that you are around, and the environments that you are in.

Your daily behavior reflects your deepest beliefs.

What’s the point of having a strong mind without an open heart?

If we would only sweep our own doorstep the whole world would be clean. – Mother Teresa

We might not be able to do great things but we can do small things with great love. – Mother Teresa

If you have not found a mission you can die for, you’re not fit to live. – Martin Luther King Jr.


Gratitude is the antidote to average.

Celebrating your blessings every day.

The brain actually is hardwired for negativity. It’s called a negativity bias.

Our brains still focus on the threat or what’s not work in our lives, and that’s a recipe for misery.

First Habit – Daily Deliberate Gratitude (Gratitude Journaling)

Celebrate your blessings by writing them down in a journal

Here’s what I’m grateful for…

I have my health or I have food on the table or had a beautiful cup of coffee, etc. You start to write down all the good things in your life.

It releases serotonin, the pleasure neurotransmitter. It releases dopamine, the inspirational neurotransmitter. It starts to create a pharmacy of mastery in your brain where you actually rewire your brain to notice all the beautiful things in your life.


My top ten blessings…

25 I am’s…

I am grateful, I am healthy, I am productive, I am seeing the positive in other people, I am building a better business, I am impact.

I curse the fact I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet. – Persian Proverb

Consistency is the mother of mastery.

You see the best in others versus the worst in others.

Journaling helps you release emotional tension.

Vague plans lead to vague goals.

With better awareness, you can make better choices, with better choices you’ll make better results.

Clarity breeds mastery.

You don’t get lucky, you make lucky.

In your journal, you can write down…

  1. A blessing/gratitude list
  2. How you’re feeling
  3. Your dreams
  4. Your goals
  5. Your ideal physique
  6. Photos of what you want (Subconscious mind is influenced dramatically by pictures)
  7. Favorite quotes


A disciplined approach to starting your day.

People don’t have time to work on themselves, a lot of people don’t have any time for personal mastery. They don’t have time to feed their mindset, they don’t have time to feed their heartset and work on their emotional life and open up gratitude and open up more love.

A lot of people don’t have time to feed their physical life. A lot of people don’t have any more time to feed their spiritual life.

As you grow better on your inner life your outer life changes.

Self-mastery or working on your inner empire is how you build exterior empires.

Remember that it takes 66 days according to the latest science to install a new habit. (66 days to neural architecture (neurobiology) or the emotional architecture to lock in until it becomes automatic.)

All change is hard at first, it’s messy in the middle and it’s gorgeous at the end.

If it’s not hard at first, it’s not real change.

5 AM Club – THE 20 / 20 / 20 FORMULA

There is something special about 5AM. That’s the time of least distraction on the planet. At 5am, here’s what the science says, we have the most focus, we have the most energy and we have the most willpower.

You take one hour for yourself while the rest of the world is asleep.

People can copy your products, people can copy your branding, your ultimate competitive advantage (because most people won’t do this) is being up before the rest of the world, preparing your mind.

Sweat more in training, bleed less in war. – Spartan warriors

First 20 minutes move. (Move/Skip/Sweat)

In the first 20 minutes after you get up if you sweat you release B.D.N.F. (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) – It repairs damaged brain cells. By sweating in the first 20 minutes you release dopamine which is the inspirational neurotransmitter. You release serotonin, You reduce cortisol by working out (Cortisol is the fear hormone.)

The reason why we don’t have a lot of energy or why we don’t have maximum creativity, the reason why we’re not legendary performers at work, the reason why we’re not loving life, in large part is cortisol.

First 20 minutes – sweat, move, exercise.

Second 20 minutes (5:20 to 5:40) – think/Journaling

This is where you do the gratitude list.

This where you think about your values, this is where you actually could do what I call a pre-performance template for your day. By writing you are creating your blueprint for the day.

Your days are your life in miniature.

Last 20 minutes – Learning

As you know more you can do more!

In many ways, you change the game when you commit not to entertainment but education.

Books, podcasts, and conferences changed many lives.

One of the best investments you’ll ever make is learning.

If you look at the great geniuses they were not more gifted or more talented, they just knew more about their singular skill than anyone who had ever done their skill in the history of the world.

2X/3X Mindset.

To double your income and your impact, focus on two core areas.

  1. Your personal mastery
  2. Your professional capability

Investing in yourself is one of the surest ways to help you grow.

Education and learning and investing in yourself is the game-changer.

Stay Curious!

People live the same year 75 times and they call it a life.

Achievers are people that invest in their mindset, heartset, ability, knowledge base.

All it takes is one idea on how to change the way you see the world… to change your world.

All it takes is one idea on productivity that you start to apply because an idea without execution is delusion.

When you know more you can do more, and the more you learn the higher you will go.

Every single one of us can be the best in the world at something.

Every single one of us can be happy.

What determines your happiness is what you do every day, your habits.

Every master was once a beginner. Every professional was once an amateur.

The secret of great performers – They spend 66 days, they install the right habit, they then don’t need any more willpower because it becomes a habit, it becomes automatic.


Do not go to sleep unless you have spent 60 minutes in learning.

Why listen to the news? The job of the news vision is to frighten you. The job of the news is to release cortisol, the fear hormone in your brain so you become addicted to the news.

Here’s what the research says. The research says actually people who watch the news every day see the world less realistically than people who don’t watch the news. (By watching the news you train your brain that life is about wars, robbery, the worst of humanity, and the lowest common denominator versus knowing the reality)

You make a commitment to be an eternal learner. And you make some time every day to listen to a podcast or go through an online course, or you know watch a webinar, etc.

Victims don’t like learning new ideas, it disrupts their safe harbor.

Feel the discomfort of growth.

Commitment to growth and becoming the best human being I could be is so much more important than the fear or the discomfort that I feel. And that’s what makes a hero!

Turn it into the university of traffic (running college, school of walking, waiting/queue)

Learning collapses the timeline. You can try to figure out how to build a great business or a world-class life or dial in the mindset of the people the Titans or how to live a life that makes history while you create a life you adore.

You can try to figure it out on your own, it’ll probably take you 50 years or a 100 years even if you ever get there.

Or you can learn from people who’ve already done it and get the information in an hour or 20 minutes or the right book or the right course or the right audiobook. You can collapse the timeline so that every single day becomes a platform to get all exponentially closer to the life you’ve always want to live.

Growth as a GOAL!

Learn how to turn pain into power, learn how to take our fears, and make them into faith, learn to use the potential that we were born into to live it.

The number one purpose of our life is to grow. It’s to become who we are destined and built to be for the benefit of our joy but also to make the world a place of more love, more light, more heroism, more creativity, more productivity.

Life is short. Better do something right now to start owning my genius, to start stripping away my fears.

There’s a whole different game to play, and it’s not what the 95% are doing. The game or the key to life, it’s growth, it’s building your interior. It’s going out in the world and becoming your genius and doing something epic with your life.

CHAPTER 5 – THE 90/90/1

The trinity of peak performance assets:

  1. Your mental focus
  2. Your physical energy
  3. Your willpower

You’ve to protect those three resources, those assets.

When you get to the work you spend the first 90 minutes of your workday, for the next 90 days focusing on your single biggest opportunity to own your industry and to influence humanity.

The secret of genius is simplicity. They found one thing they could be great at, they spent the best hours of their days focusing on one of those things.

First 90 minutes of your work… turn off your phone block out distractions and focus monomaniacally on the one project of utmost importance.

What you send out to the world is what comes back to you.

Addiction to distraction is the death of your creative production.

The 90/90/1 rule is a daily ritual which allows you to rebuild focus in your life.

Genius is all about focus.

The thing about genius is they all have this ability to lock themselves away from the world and focus on their scientific formula or the work or the art they were doing without distraction.

The tight bubble of total focus. (stay away from distractions, negativity and surround yourself with the right people)

You can be distracted or you can be legendary, but you don’t get to do both.

If you’re the smartest person you know it’s time to know new people. If you’re the most successful person on your street maybe it’s time to move to a new street. And if you’re the fastest person in your neighborhood it’s time to move to a new neighborhood, so you do become your environment.

Dream big start small begin today!

There are no extra people on the planet right now. Every single person does have a hero and a genius and the Titan and you know a Mandela or a Mother Teresa, we all have this greatness within us, even if people have lost that connection with that.

A mind exposed to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Small daily improvements when done consistently over time lead to staggering results.

I hope you got some great insights in this post.

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