Smart Thinking (Review & Summary)

Skills for critical understanding and writing.

I am just giving you insights on what you will read from this book.

1 Smart Thinking
What is smart thinking?
How do we study smart thinking?
Why do we need to ‘think smart’?
2 Claims: The Key Elements of Reasoning
Understanding language
More about claims
Claims and reasoning
3 Linking: The Key Process in Reasoning
Links between claims
The analytical structure of reasoning
Learning more about the analytical structure
4 Understanding the Links between Claims
Dependent premises
Special functions of premises
The link from premises to conclusion
5 More Effective Reasoning I: Better Claims
Well-formed claims
Well-founded claims
6 More Effective Reasoning II: Better Links
Effective use of dependent premises
Strength of support
7 What Kinds of Reasoning are There?
Deductive and inductive reasoning
Categorical and propositional logic
Five types of reasoning
8 Research, Reasoning, and Analysis
Reasoning and analysis
Information understood by where we find it
Information as it relates to other information
Information classified by the topic under investigation
Information as it relates to how we are using it
Direct and indirect sources
9 Planning and Creating Your Reasoning
The key analytical questions
Using the analytical structure for planning
10 Bringing It All Together: Narrative and Structure
Example text
Casting and notes on each paragraph
Capturing the essence of the text
Overall narrative flow of the text

By just reading what you are going to learn from this book itself you can see the potential and the value you are going to get from this book. Smart Thinking (Review & Summary) is a must-read. Buy It, Read It And Implement What You Learned.

I hope you got some helpful insights. Implement what you learned from this post. All the very best!

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