Life’s Greatest Secret From T. Harv Eker’s

Recently I watched a free webinar by T. Harv Eker’s and to be honest it’s an eye-opener. so I thought of sharing my takeaways in this post…

Life’s Greatest Secret From T. Harv Eker's

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  • 80% secret of success is showing up – Woody Allen
  • Repetition is the mother of learning.

The more frequency is the better…

Life’s Greatest Secret – Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world.

Your mind is your #1 enemy.

Want to grow flower need to focus on the inner things.

People believe that they are their minds – Not true.

  • You are NOT your mind. (you are not the thought coming of your mind).

Your mind is part of you – You’re the one who hear the voice.

You only know when you live it. Not to trust the mind telling I know that but not living it.

What is the first element of change? – Awareness – You are not your mind.

The second element – Understanding.

Action or inaction you take depends on the files in your mind.

Meaning creating a process determines your life and everyone’s life.

Meaning we give to things is based on files we have on our minds.

The meanings we give to the same world are different – everything is neutral and we give it meaning.

Nothing is anything until you make it something and then it becomes what you make it.

Reality personal! (Rain example)

What you see plus the meaning what you get.

Know Thyself! The secret of life – Socrates

Individual meanings we give!

Files on our minds are from other people – Parents, family, friends, media, web, teachers, a religious teacher. Creating files…

We come empty and filled with other information.

Are they giving true information or giving them information they believe true.

  • Brain develops 80% before the age of 3.

Your mind and what is in it is not yours… It’s you who learned it to be.

It’s a Choice!!!!!

Hear the voice and you have a choice whether you need to believe or not.

How are there life? other’s thoughts and opinions. Still listening to them. You are listening to others… How is your life…

Second Reason – Survival… Storage cabinet… To help you survive… Primary function… Nor happy, successful, peace, etc. Just To keep you alive. Main function protection!

It’s always looking for negative because to protect it’s a bodyguard. That’s why we focus

Your mind is based on problems, fear, anxiety. over-worried mother bodyguard.

By having you believe that is your life!!!!!

You are not the bodyguard. You are the captain of the ship. We did not create the separation.

Keep fixing the problems…

Mind lookout at everything as a problem… If there is no proper it will create it…

Don’t believe your mind, your voice and don’t believe a thought you think.

Consciousness – living from the choice at the moment vs the programmed.

Train it to work for you instead of against you…

4 Magic Words…

Everything is energy.

Thank You For Sharing!

Criticize, negative, fear, failure, bad, not supportive – Choose… Insert the better thought…

Consciously monitor your thoughts… managing your mind if you don’t mind will manage you.

You have the ability to control your thought, remove from any thought, install any thought. POWER!!!!

My greatest power is my ability to choose my own thoughts.

Your thoughts create your life.

You never trained your mind to work for you.

Mind best friend or enemy.

WEIT – Whatever it takes!

Big problems become small problems when you become big.

You cant solve the problem with the same mind created it. – Albert Einstein

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