Content Rules (Review & Summary)

How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business.

I am just giving you insights on what you will read from this book.

Part One: The Content Rules

Chapter 1: The Case for Content What Is Content, and What Can It Do for You?
Good Content as a Competitive Advantage
Chapter 2: The Content Rules
The Content Rules
Chapter 3: Insight Inspires Originality: Who Do You Want to Attract?
Start with the Why
A Quick and Dirty Search Lesson Back to the Why—and Onto the Who Set Your Metrics: What Does Success Look Like?
Chapter 4: Who Are You?
Speak Human: How Do You Differentiate Your Content?
Chapter 5: Reimagine; Don&apost
Recycle: Anatomy of a Content Circle of Life
First, Look toward the Sun Create a Publishing Schedule
Feed the Beast
Aim for Variety, and Do Something
Imagine New Creatures
Chapter 6: Share or Solve; Don't
What Do I Talk about When
There's Nothing to Say?
What I Really Want to Do Is Direct: Hiring Content Creators and
Sourcing Content from Elsewhere
Chapter 7: Stoke the Campfire
How to Build a Fire Your Content Campfire Start with the Small Stuff
Finding the Bigger Sticks Singing Campfire Songs Why Doesn't My Content Have Any Comments?
Telling Stories by the Campfire Light
Chapter 8: Create Wings and Roots
Wings for the Web: Findable, Accessible, Shareable
Fishing for Attention in the Activity
Streams How to Make Your Content Go Viral
Chapter 9: The Care and Feeding of
Setting Up a Listening Dashboard
Responding Quickly, and with
Chapter 10: Attention B2B Companies: This Is the Chapter You Are Looking For
Your Prospects Are Avoiding You Marketers Need to Pick Up the Ball
and Run with It
Content Marketing Is the Key
Additional Steps to Getting Hitched: Content and B2B, True Love Always

Part Two: The How-To Section

Chapter 11: A Blog as a Hub of Your Online Content
Blogging Guidelines Add an Image Close with a Question Other Helpful Advice for Blog Contributors
Chapter 12: If Webinars Are Awesome
Marketing Tools, Why Do Most of Them Suck?
How to Create and Produce Awesome Webinars
Chapter 13: What's the Difference between an Ebook and a White Paper?
(And When Should You Use Them?)
Nine Steps to Creating an Ebook or White Paper That People Will Want
to Read
Chapter 14: The Single Biggest Secret
to Creating a Compelling Customer Success Story (Formerly Known as a Case Study)
Chapter 15: From Dumpy to Sexy: A
FAQs Makeover
Chapter 16: Video: Show Me a Story
Equipment: What You'll Need
Creating Your Story
Shooting and Scripting
Show the World
But What Am I Going to Shoot?
iContent: Your Own Web Show?
Chapter 17: Podcasting: Is This Thing
Chapter 18: Photographs: The Power of
What Should I Take Pictures of?
Sharing and Tagging
Getting the Good Shot
Bring In the Big Guns Part Three: Content That
Converts: Success Stories
(With Ideas You Can Steal!)
Chapter 19: Reynolds Golf Academy: Greensboro, Georgia
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 20: The Cool Beans Group: Greensboro, North Carolina
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 21: U.S. Army: Fort Knox, Kentucky; Fort Monroe, Virginia
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 22: AskPatty.com, Inc.: Thousand Oaks, California
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 23: Kadient: Lowell, Massachusetts
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 24: HubSpot: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 25: Kodak: Rochester, New
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 26: Boeing Company: Chicago,
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 27: Indium Corporation: Clinton, New York
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Chapter 28: PinkStinks: London, England
Content That Ignites Ka-Ching!
Ideas You Can Steal
Part Four: This Isn't
Chapter 29: This Isn't Goodbye,
and a Gift for You

By just reading what you are going to learn from this book itself you can see the potential and the value you are going to get from this book. Content Rules (Review & Summary) is a must-read. Buy It, Read It And Implement What You Learned.

I hope you got some helpful insights. Implement what you learned from this post. All the very best!

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