6 Perception About Happiness

Recently I watched the free webinar of T. Harv Eker and I found it very useful. I wanted to record and share the great insights I got from the webinar.

Perception 1 – Happiness Is Natural

A twin with yourself. We have a true-self and false-self (Higher Self and lower self)

Everything looks like fear or problem. Happy twin and another one is a sad twin.

Happy twin?

Both parts of you are there – You can hear the one you want to hear.

Happiness and peace are the ones left when you stop all the other things.

Words are energy and energy is power.

Remember – Happiness is natural you are already happy until you make yourself unhappy.

Perception 2 – Happiness must be unconditional

Moving and ever-changing target – Situations, circumstances other people.

If this happens… I will be happy. “Common word IF” all if’s are conditions. Conditions are always changing.

Happiness is a result. Happiness must be unconditional.

“If” is the dangerous word. If means condition involved.

Spouse good – Financial… It takes 20 years going to be sad for 20 years.

The conditions you are making you to be happy are the ones that keeping you from being happy.

You won’t be happy until that happens.

True happiness does not come from your conditions, circumstances, situations.

First step to change is awareness!

What is your current situation are you fully happy now by setting reasons to be happy.

If you make the game easy to win… You are going to win… You are making it hard.

Food, water, shelter… make it easier to win the game.

Drop your conditions now!

Let the thought go … It’s only the thoughts

All let go… What will make you happy… Nothing in your life you need to make you happy.

They give you different feeling… it will not make you happy.

Release all your conditions to happiness. Choose to be happy.

Perception 3 – Happiness must be independent.

Feeling states… fun, laughter, pleasure, freedom, enjoyment, accomplishment, success, feelings of love or being loved.

laughing is laughing… Happy is happy

Pleasure, fun is not happy.

We strive for these states… it doesn’t work.

Hard to have fun, secured, loved, laughter for 24/7 you will be tired.

Happy and sad.. Happy and sad… Not like this…

Fun is fun… happy is happy and they are not the same.

Laughter, pleasure, freedom, purpose, love everything… they are not the same… love is not happy.

We can be happy without happiness.

True happiness is not a byproduct, result, it stands alone. it’s an independent state.

Stop making yourself unhappy

Happiness independent from any other state or feeling

Perception 4 – Happiness can only exist right now

Postponed being fully happy — most of us.

nod ur head up and down now… Okay, tomorrow. it’s impossible

Nod your head up and yesterday.

Yesterday and tomorrow is imagination and memory.

The present is a reality for you… If you are not happy right now you cannot be happy.

I can only be happy right now.

You can’t even nod ur head in the future,… How you gonna be happy tomorrow.

Especially when I am old retired. many think not future.

Secret – If you want to be happy in the future you need to be happy now.

Practice makes perfect no no no Practice makes permanent.

Practicing worries, sad so it makes permanent.

Your mind will make you unhappy.

If I want to be happy later I have to Practice being happy now.

Practice makes permanent.

Complaining, negative, yelling, fighting, now that’s what will be the future.

If u cannot find happiness now you will never find happiness.

You can only be happy right now. If you want to be happy in the future I have to practice to be happy now.

Perception 5 – Happiness must be clearly defined

Everyone has their definition.

Don’t know the target you won’t get it.

What is the target of happiness?

We need to create it for ourselves.

Definition of happiness – Contentment. Being in a state of peaceful happiness. Not wishing more. Accepting adequate.

Feel you have what you need. feel satisfied so you don’t look for something.

The search for happiness is the chief cause of unhappiness.

Which means you don’t have happiness now. Not happy you will be in a state of fear.

Allow ourselves to be satisfied with what it is.

Satisfied? I will never achieve my goals in the future.

Satisfied – Never get any better or more… No No

Dissatisfaction leads to more dissatisfaction.

We are creatures of habit.

Practice makes permanent.

Winning is a habit.

Make it as a habit.

Enjoying the journey on the way… Secret

Practice content now… practice makes permanent.

Decide that… I am willing to be satisfied and fully content this moment.

Perception 6 – Happiness is a choice

You are already happy until you make yourself unhappy.

Thought to Feel
Feeling to Action
Action to Result

The only choice of your thoughts… How you think! It’s not about what you are doing, get, do, results.

It depends on what u think.

Control your thoughts -Control your mind – A lot of thoughts are negative – Our minds are fear-based so it’s negative.

Practice positivity… U have the choice and the which thought you entertain.

Coming to ur function who you don’t want or like… let it go don’t focus much or give important. Let it go.

Recognize who is talking to me. It’s my bodyguard trying to protect me. Acknowledge that u r listening thank you for sharing.

ARR – Acknowledge, Reassure, Return to the present.

Happiness is a choice

Perception 7 – Happiness must be the top first priority

Happiness as much as you want the air… You will be happy. I need to get rid of those unhappy thoughts. Need to master it.

Others suffering I can’t be happy. You being unhappy makes anyone happy? It affects others.

Fear is the enemy of happiness.

Priority to happy compared to be unhappy.

Trading happiness for anger. Queue example.

Choose your priority.. being right and be unhappy. ur unhappy not bcoz the person cut the line u r upset bcoz of the thoughts about the situation.

Two choices – well that person be in a hurry not for the sake of that person for yourself. Or sorry you must have missed seeing I am in front and ahead of you if you don’t mind I will take my position calmly.

What’s the big deal for upset

How you do anything is how you do everything.

If you are the type of person upset about this thing and you are the person gets upset about everything.

2 minutes upset you lose 2 minutes of happiness.

Million if you don’t get upset in the queue u will be calm happy. So keep it AS A TOP PRIORITY.

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