177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class (Review & Summary)

The Thought Processes, Habits, And Philosophies Of The Great Ones.

I am just giving you insights on what you will read from this book.

1 The World Class Operates From Objective Reality
2 World-Class Wealth Begins With World-Class Thinking
3 Champions Have An Immense Capacity For Sustained Concentration
4 Champions Are Driven By Emotional Motivators
5 The Great Ones Separate Truth From Fact
6 Champions Lead Through Facilitated Introspection
7 The Great Ones Know They Are Unaware
8 Champions Develop World-Class Beliefs Long Before They Become Champions
9 Champions Embrace Relativity
10 The World Class Compartmentalizes Emotions
11 The World Class Connects To The Source Through Gratitude
12 Champions Know Adversity Is The Catalyst Of Mental Toughness
13 The Great Ones Do It All With Class
14 Champions Make ‘Do or Die’ Commitments
15 The World Class Is Consistently Great
16 Champions Understand Logic vs. Emotion
17 Champions Are Willing To Suspend Their Disbelief
18 The World Class Is Ferociously Cooperative
19 Champions Are Curious
20 The Great Ones Possess Supreme Confidence
21 Champions Evolve From Competing to Creating
22 Champions Remember Their Roots
23 The World Class Never Bows To Criticism
24 Champions Believe In Choice
25 The World Class Embraces Metacognition
26 Professional Performers Don’t Require Immediate Compensation
27 Champions Embrace Conflict For Growth
28 Champions Are Comeback Artists
29 The Great Ones Are Masters Of Their Work/Rest Cycles
30 The World Class Is Coachable
31 Champions Are Mentally Engaged In The Creative Process
32 Champions Operate With A Clear Conscience
33 Common Sense Is The Foundation Of High Performance
34 Champions Always Strive For Greater Competence
35 Champions Develop Bravery In The Battle For Their Dream
36 Champions Hold Strong Convictions
37 The Great Ones Know The Power Of Conversation
38 Champions Are Decisive
39 The Great Ones Choose Discipline Over Pleasure
40 The World Class Is Determined To Win
41 Champions Dedicate Their Lives To Greatness
42 Champions Are Driven By A World-Class Belief System
43 The World Class Has Great Expectations
44 The Great Ones Are The Most Enthusiastic People Alive
45 Champions Love What They Do
46 Champions Create A Winning Environment
47 The World Class Makes Exercise A Priority
48 The Great Ones Are Professional Failures
49 Champions Have Tremendous Faith
50 Champions Handle Fear Like A Snake Charmer
51 The Great Ones Evolve From Fear To Love Based Motivation
52 Champions Understand The Limits Of Money
53 Champions Are Future-Oriented
54 The Great Ones Challenge The Facts
55 Champions Are Driven By Fun
56 The Great Ones Learn To Forgive
57 Champions Know Why They Are Fighting
58 Champions Know Very Good Is Bad
59 The World Class Embraces Free Enterprise
60 Champions Believe In Global Citizenship
61 The Great Ones Don’t Give Back . . . They Just Give
62 The World Class Is Obsessed With Their Goals
63 The Great Ones Believe They Cannot Fail … They Can Only Learn And Grow
64 Champions Are World-Class Communicators
65 Champions Are Products Of Their Habits
66 The Great Ones Understand The Power Of Humility
67 The World Class Achieves Happiness From Being And Becoming, Not Acquiring And Possessing
68 Champions Believe In Honesty
69 The World Class Knows Great Ideas Are The Solution To Success
70 The Great Ones Are Products Of Their Own Imagination
71 Champions Don’t Let Feelings Get In Their Way
72 The World Class Operates From Love And Abundance
73 World-Class Leaders Are Willing To Get Fired Everyday
74 Champions Don’t Care Who Gets The Credit
75 Champions Are Zealots For Change
76 The Great Ones Operate With Integrity
77 The Great Ones Are Bold
78 Champions Are Interdependent
79 The World Class Knows The Leader’s Primary Role
80 A World-Class Attitude Leads To World-Class Happiness
81 Champions Seek Balance
82 Champions Are Professional Listeners
83 The Great Ones Are Masters Of Momentum
84 World-Class Achievement Requires Teamwork
85 Champions Evolve From Proving Themselves To Expressing Themselves
86 World-Class Managers See Themselves As Change Agents
87 Champions See Mistakes As Intellectual Capital
88 The Great Ones Only Negotiate Win-Win Deals
89 The World Class Builds And Nurtures An International Network Of Contacts
90 The Great Ones Never Hesitate To Seize Opportunity
91 Champions Are Masters Of Mental Organization
92 The World Class Catapults Their Consciousness By Overcoming Obstacles
93 The Great Ones Are At Peace With Themselves
94 Champions Know The Power Of Persistence
95 The World Class Pursues Power To Manifest Their Dreams
96 The Great Ones Always Push For Progress
97 Champions Praise People Lavishly And Often
98 The World Class Is Always Willing To Pay The Price
99 The Great Ones Are Aware Of Their Limitless Potential 100 Champions Prepare To Win
101 The World Class Is Committed To Personal Development
102 The Great Ones Are Problem Solvers
103 Champions Are Obsessed With Productivity And Results
104 The World Class Is Profit Driven
105 The Great Ones Take Responsibility
106 Champions Take Risks
107 The World Class Has Tremendous Self-Respect
108 Champions Know Revenge Is For Amateurs
109 Champions Keep Things In Perspective
110 The World Class Raises Their Rate Of Vibration At Will
111 The Pros Reward Themselves For Execution
112 Great Leaders Understand Recognition
113 Champions Know The Power Of Programming
114 Champions Are Of Good Cheer
115 The Great Ones Are Learning Machines
116 Champions Change Their Emotional Responses
117 The Great Ones Have A Sense Of Urgency
118 The World Class Believes In Servant Leadership
119 The Great Ones Make The Complicated Simple
120 Champions Understand Success
121 Champions Thrive On World Class Self-Talk
122 The Great Ones Know Salespeople Drive All Business
123 Champions Know Security Is A Perception
124 The World Class Believes In Self-Reliance
125 The Great Ones Manufacture Their Own Self-Image
126 Champions Are Bold And Daring Visionaries
127 Champions Never Say Die
128 Champions Define Winning As Personal Progress
129 Champions Know Abundant Health Begins With Body Weight
130 The World Class Seeks The Wisdom Of The Ages
131 World-Class Employees See Themselves As Self-Employed
132 The Great Ones Aren’t Afraid To Suffer
133 Champions Learn From Role Models
134 The World Class Believes In The Power Of Self-Understanding
135 The Great Ones Evolve From Success to Significance
136 Champions Know Humor Is No Joke
137 The World Class Is Character Conscious
138 The World Class Builds On Support
139 Champions Have A World Class Work Ethic
140 The World Class Dreams Of The Future, Yet Lives In The Present
141 The Great Ones Know How To Say “No”
142 Champions Are Not Addicted To The Approval Of Others
143 The World Class Loves Liberty
144 The Great Ones Seek Solitude
145 Champions Are Happily Dissatisfied
146 The World Class Masters Time Management
147 Champions Follow The Results Matrix
148 Champions Avoid Delusion
149 Champions Feed Their Vision And Starve Their Fear
150 The Great Ones Are Powerful Public Speakers
151 The World Class Develops Emotional Intelligence
152 The World Class Forms Brain Trusts
153 The Great Ones Are Obsessed With Strategic Advantages
154 The World Class Reframes Painful Past Experiences
155 Champions Know Their Brains’ Primary Purpose
156 The World Class Focuses On ‘The Why’
157 The Great Ones Are Critical Thinkers
158 Champions Live By The Law Of Attraction
159 The Great Ones Use Mentors
160 Champions Are Congruent
161 The Great Ones Seek Fulfillment
162 Champions Escape Excessive Cognition
163 The Great Ones Are Masters Of Follow Up
164 Champions Do What’s Right
165 The Great Ones Think Big
166 Champions Build Cocoons
167 The World Class Chooses Repentance Over Blame
168 The Great Ones Grow Up
169 Champions Embrace Diversity
170 The Great Ones Use World-Class Language
171 Champions Understand Cause And Effect
172 The World Class Relies On Infinite Intelligence
173 The Great Ones Manifest Energy
174 Champions Embrace Nonlinear Thinking
175 The World Class Gets Paid To Think
176 The Good And Great Are Separated By A Razor’s Edge
177 School Is Never Out For The Great Ones

By just reading what you are going to learn from this book itself you can see the potential and the value you are going to get from this book. 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class (Review & Summary) is a must-read. Buy It, Read It And Implement What You Learned.

I hope you got some helpful insights. Implement what you learned from this post. All the very best!

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