100 Blog Posts In 100 Days – [One Post Per Day]

Welcome to my post “100 Blog Posts In 100 Days“.

31st of May I decided to write one post per day. I am happy to share with you that this is my 100th post.

Often people ask me how I can publish one post per day. So I thought of writing a blog post about it.

100 Blog Posts In 100 Days

Content Is King

We all know that content is king and producing quality content makes the difference.

Since I don’t have the budget, I can’t afford paid traffic. I don’t have a big following on social media platforms, so my free social media traffic is very less.

So my only option is organic traffic. For that, I need to write quality posts and decided to focus on writing quality content to my site.

Here comes the next big question…

How Many Posts Do We Need To Write The Minimum?

I was asking many experts and successful affiliate marketers & bloggers “How Many Posts I Need To Write The Minimum?“.

To make it simple…

Most of them said a minimum of 3 quality and content-rich posts per week are good. And on top of that, they said if you could write one post per day it will be awesome.

I nearly wasted 18 months in my blogging career due to shiny object syndrome (Chasing different programs which promise quick success).

So I want to catch up those 18 months and decided to write one post per day. On 31st May 2019.

50 Posts In 50 Days 

By GOD’S grace, I was able to achieve 50 posts in 50 days. To be honest, it’s not at all easy and often struggled a lot.

English is not my native language. Like most of the people I to hate writing, but I was wondering how I achieved this milestone.

When I shared my achievement, people checked my site and use to ask me how I was able to do it.

One Of The Message I received


I don’t want to bother you at all. But I’ve learned that you are able to write a post every day. That’s such an accomplishment.

Personally, it takes me some time trying to find the post subject in superposition with good keywords, then it takes me hours to write the post (2k words), and another few hours publishing it fully customized, and included with some products links. Basically the whole day. 

At this pace, I can’t keep this up, and I think my limit would be 2 posts per week, and that if I’m really motivated and working under the right circumstances. 

I’m wondering what kind of posts you are writing and how many words if you don’t mind me asking. Do you have any recommended training here at Wealthy Affiliate that would help me improve my writing productivity? 

Thank you so much. 

One Of The Message I received

My Reply

Dear Nicolas,

No, bother at all. Thanks for asking!

Your bio is inspiring and you are already an achiever.

To be honest, for me also it will take nearly one day to complete one posts two months before. Even sometimes I take 8+ hours to complete one post now.

Just last two months, I am writing one post per day.

However, please see the stats on how many posts I wrote for each month below…

Sep (2018) – 8
Oct – 3
Nov – 1
Dec – 1
Jan (2019) – 3
Feb – 2
Mar – 0
Apr – 9
May – 10
Jun – 30
July – 31 (Update for this blog post – August 31)

So you can see it’s all about commitment, determination and taking action. I am the same person who didn’t write even one post in March 2019.

Writing is difficult for me and you might be aware English is not my first language. I struggle to write.

Winning is a habit! & Writing is a habit too!


I didn’t take any special training. All I did is followed the WA training…

However, I would advise you to watch our trainer jay webinars on ranking methods…

I write review posts with 2000+ words. I am on make money online niche.

I will always have a list of keywords ready for the next 30+ days in advance on Jaaxy “saved list”.

Hope this helps!

GOD Bless!

Your Friend,


His Reply

Thank you Paul!

I do have about 10 keywords ready to be turned into posts but I still need to check if they’re actually good. 

Thank you for the links, I’ll check them out. 

Well, I guess I’ll try my best. You are inspiring to me.

His Reply

I hope you got some helpful insight from the above conversation.

Writing Is A habit

Yes, writing is a habit.

Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment. – Zig Ziglar

So stop worrying start writing!

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Paul Severe

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